March 5, 2013

outfit post

outfit details:
liquid leggings - ebay
obey tee - flavour
camo jacket - vintage ($10!)
toque - obey
winter boots - cougar

i really liked this outfit! i felt very 'me' in it, even though it was totally inspired by this outfit of jen's. i have a feeling i will get a lot of use out of that jacket in the spring! also, it's march! spring, where you at??

 i know what you're thinking! does she ever take off that damn toque? and to be honest, for about the past 3 months while i've been growing out my bangs (thankfully in winter) i really haven't. i mean the odd time if my bangs were sweeping to the side nicely, but mostly that would annoy me sooo...toque. guess what though?

middle part!! whattup! they're definitely not as long as i want them, because well i want them completely blended into my hair, but they are long enough to middle part and get rid of the side-sweep and THAT is exciting!! now i can't wait for them to be long enough to tuck behind my ears.