April 15, 2013

outfit post: jeans & a tee

what i wore: sunday

hat - brixton 
(originally a mens bowler [aka: mikeys] but i have made it mine & turned down the brim which has a more feminine feel to it
i feel this is going to be the spring of hats
white tee - vero moda via plush boutique
jeans - old navy
necklaces - pyrrha & black&bronze

jeans & a tee is my all-time favourite look. i know it's not a terribly exciting or new concept by any means...but it's classic, it's a go-to, it's a i-know-i'm-going-to-feel-awesome kind of outfit, for me anyway! i always believe in accessories making an outfit come together...especially when you're wearing something simple like jeans & a tee. i always have a handful of rings (on each hand) a wrist full of bracelets & great shoes - those elements of an outfit are what make me feel completed & put together. i know it's silly but the odd days i forget to put my rings on, i feel off all day. they've actually become a part of me (cheesy, but true!) i also seem to have gone back to my high school days where i wear a wrist full of bracelets. lately it's been the more the merrier when it comes to accessories...& hats! i love hats and now that my bangs are no longer i feel like i can pull them off better (& minus the whole sweaty bang thing which was always a bummer) 

anywho, today is the start of my 'weekend' - two days off & road tripping to toronto with some of my besties to shop, eat, get wild & see fu manchu tonight in toronto!