April 13, 2013

rainy days

 a rainy day kind of outfit...because that's all we've been having here lately. yesterday our town woke up to a complete ice freeze over and the power was out half the day...not cool spring, not cool.

tank top - harley davidson, thrifted
pants - H&M
jacket - obey
leather jacket - thrifted
necklaces - pyrrha & black&bronze
boots - hunter

yesterday was my first day off in two weeks & other than the fact that the power/internet was out most of the day, it was a pretty wonderful day. my boss & favourite baby came over for a coffee visit in the morning & in the afternoon i did a ton of creating for black&bronze, including the piece above & below which are for sale on my instagram account, or leave a comment here if you're interested.

today i'm working a double & then have a quick shift at the shop tomorrow then we're off to toronto for two days to see fu manchu & do some shopping & i couldn't be more excited to get out of town for a bit! here's hoping the skies open up & we see some sunshine really soon because damn this rainy, grey weather is really getting redundant. 

what are you up to this weekend?

oh & while we're on the topic (no we're not...) how handsome is this guy?!

i'm a lucky gal!