May 1, 2013

outfit post: just me

i've said it before on this little blog of mine & i'll say it again as i finally feel as if i'm coming into my own, style wise [it only took 27 years!] but this is me. i'm a jeans & a t-shirt kind of gal. i've tried a million different things & it always comes back to this...i feel the most 'me' when i dress just like in the photo above, or some variation of it. a great t-shirt, solid pair of denim - match that up with some killer accessories & a wicked pair of shoes/boots & away i go. 

you know when you pick something up at the store and think 'this isn't me, but i'm going to try it' ...ya, i've stopped doing that as those are the pieces that sit in my closet & then i end up giving it to the friend that i originally thought 'this is so _____ [insert friends name] but i'm gonna try it anyway' ya, i've wasted too much money on clothes like that SO jeans & tees [for the most part] are what i'll be spending my money on. i'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans.

today is my day off & it is freaking GORGEOUS out there, sunny & warm, so excuse me while i go frolick in the sunshine with my gal pal jess as we are heading out for a picnic!

side note: liz, if you're reading this...i still can't figure out a way to get my instagram photos to appear more clear in my posts. and anyone else reading this side note, any tips? i generally grab the photo from the site web.stagram & am wondering if that has something to do with the distortion when i upload/enlarge it on here?