September 8, 2013

around the blogosphere

so i used to do this feature on my blog called 'around the blogosphere' where i would post about a cute photo i saw, person i admired or post that made me think. it's even a link up there in my header [which clearly needs to be updated. anyone want to re-design my blog?] anyway, i used to love this feature & haven't done it since february, but since i'm back & blogging again i thought i'd start it back up!

this photo from the sartorialist is adorable. there's nothing like a cute photo of [fashionable] people in love.

alexz from bird trouble has moved to mexico to work on her handbag line. i know, it's not even fair right? her instagram feed & blog lately have made me more envious than usual. next vacation...meh-i-co!

this girl is making bermuda shorts look rad. i didn't think that was even possible?

this looks like a good fall uniform. 

well, it's sunday & i have the day off. sundays are my favourite days when i'm not working (& sometimes even when i am) i slept in, am currently drinking too much coffee & enjoying some computer time, aka: reading too many blogs. i'm off soon to enjoy the day! hope you guys have a lovely weekend. 

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