September 9, 2013

lets talk hair

when i first started the process of lightening my hair from black, my hair was mad at, really mad at me. we're talking so mad it didn't even want to be on my head anymore so it would break off & it would get SO tangly every time i washed my hair, clumps would come out when i brushed it with a normal brush & i got really sad because i knew bleaching my hair would damage it but i never knew just how much. so what did i do, asked for more to be lightened, naturally...& guess what, my hair got even more damaged (imagine!) 

then i was scrolling through my IG feed one day & came across a post from holly where she mentioned the above brush & said she swore by it. 5 minutes later i had one for $4 in my cart on ebay & a few weeks later it was in my hand & though the packaging is tacky as f___ i was thankful i had made that impulse purchase & trusted holly (she is a hair dresser after all) this is the only brush that does not rip the tangles out of my hair...& my hair is basically a nest every time i wash it so no hair ripping = a happy carly.

this stuff is also awesome. i came across the gnarly whale when i decided i wanted to get rid of as many chemicals that were in my day to day life as possible. since then i've placed multiple orders & this coconut & peaches hair detangler not only smells great but it also works! side note: i also love their lotions, lip balms & face scrubs (haven't tried the rest...yet)

& to finish it off, if you don't own this stuff're crazy.

ps: you know you have an amazing hair dresser when two months after you got your hair done (& you were about thinking it was time for a change) people are still asking if you just got it done & noticing it's lighter. thanks krista, you rule. needless to say i'm not touching it ;)