September 6, 2013

updates yo.

so it's fall & you know what that means...carly's favourite season, or as julie put it; blogger season, because it's so true, bloggers love the shit out of fall & i am no exception! this crisp air has left me feeling refreshed & revitalized & pretty damn awesome! my brain has been on overdrive thinking of all the pretty boots i want & outfits i want to wear.

speaking of outfits, since this blogger break has ended, i'm sure you guys are just DYING to know what i've been wearing lately, am i right? ...totally kidding, you obviously already know because you follow me on instagram ;) either way, i thought i'd share some photos with you guys!

i thrifted this awesome skakeskin printed blouse at value village this week for $7, paired with my pleather moto shorts from gypsy warrior & my favourite over-worn steve madden boots, i'd say this outfit is a winner!

again, these boots...i wouldn't be lying if i said i wore them 90% of the summer, which you can probably tell. i'm ready to give them a much needed break...maybe...

this free people slip/dress is awesome. it used to be pink...for some reason i bought it in pink at first (i know...i don't wear pink) & when i realized i wasn't wearing it...because it was pink, i dyed it black! 

...& then FP went & made a black one, so i'm not special anymore. 

this was last night at the cross dog show! who else is excited to bust out their leathers again?? eeee! this awesome one that i got at H&M for $20 last year then forgot about!

what's your favourite part about fall? mines definitely boots. my gawd i love boots. it's a good thing i manage a shoe store or i'd be in trouble.