September 24, 2013

fall + toronto

over the weekend i went to toronto to visit my girl julie as she was hosting a little blogger night with mel & holly (kait & eryn were supposed to come as well but had to work/were sick - you were missed ladies!!) we drank wine, ate yummy treats & blog talked (of course) it's always funny getting bloggers together & chatting about other bloggers as if we know them in real life.

the following day was the first day of fall (OMG!) julie & i grabbed a coffee, she had her camera so she snapped a few photos, we visited the st.lawrence market where i was a good girl & didn't buy a single thing (but definitely could have!) then we ate a delicious breakfast at the cutest diner, george street diner & caught up. after we made a ridiculous IG video about shit bloggers love, because well, it's all just so true.

 julie is one of my favourite people in this whole damn universe, i love her to bits!! she's just as amazing & happy & cute as she seems on her blog or if you have her on instagram...that's not a front, that's her real life...& it's freaking fantastic, she's so positive to be around. i love her! 

as i said, she snapped some photos so here they are! 

outfit details
v-neck - american apparel (from high school!)
high waisted pants - volcom
denim jacket - thrifted (another oldie from
hunter boots - hunter via save our soles
scarf - urban outfitters

it was lovely weekend & the peeeerfect way to spend the first day of my favourite season! i've been enjoying weekends off for most of this month & it's pretty awesome. though i do enjoy my mid-week break, it's nice having two days off in a row so that you can travel & visit friends. 

tomorrow is my day off (back to mid week) & i'm getting a haircut. at first i was just going to get a trim, but i think i've settled on chopping off a bit more than that as i found a super cute photo i really like & i mean, i love my long hair...a lot...but i never DO anything with it, ya know? it feels too flat/lifeless when it's straightened & it doesn't hold curl very well because my layers are so grown out SO i think i'm gonna switch it up a little. it's just hair after all anyway, right? I'M GONNA DO IT!!!