September 16, 2013

( madewell )

soooo for everyone else (by everyone else i mean the majority of my followers who live in the U.S) this is going to be a "ya no kidding carly, old news" kind of post, but i'm canadian & therefore madewell is a whole new world for me, one i wouldn't even know about if it wasn't for the interwebs...& holy shit everything i've ever seen by them is amazing. i'm wondering the next time i might be in the states just so i can go shopping there. & for all you people who live in the states & can shop at madewell whenever you damn well please...don't take that shit for granted, i am forever envious.

seriously...why are there never mega cool canada only stores that americans could be jealous about...there just isn't. 

madewell, i want you to be on me.