October 23, 2013

outfit post & updates

my favourite outfits consist of a fave t-shirt, wicked jeans, a great pair of boots & accessories, which you should know by now if you've been here awhile. if you're new, hi! i'm carly, i wear lot's of jeans & tees & when it comes to accessories, the more the merrier. 
this day (sunday) i was wearing...
t-shirt - zara
jeans - lola's room
boots - sam edelman circus from my work, save our soles 
necklaces - black & bronze & pyrrha 

i wore this the other day after getting new chuck taylors from my work (for the newbies, i work at a wicked independent shoe store that sells a lot of awesome brands) 
denim button down - wal-mart (for like 20$ the best!)
pants - H&M
shoes - converse
necklace - lissa bowie

last night was lovely, i went out with the managers of the shops after work (consisting of mikey, who's my bf & jess & B who are two of my besties...silly to even call them co-workers because they're so much more than that) for some wine, cheese & meats to one of the coziest places in peterborough. in conclusion, my job rules & my bosses are two of the raddest people i know!! afterwards mikey & i met up with our good pal russ who had been in europe for 2 weeks. we sat at our favourite bar, drank beers & heard amazing tales of his travels (in conclusion, man oh MAN do i ever want to go to amsterdam & berlin!!)

today i have the day off & am meeting up with my mum for some hangouts. it's only been a few weeks since i've seen my parents but sometimes that feels like forever when you need a hug. sappy but true.

happy wednesday!! 
tell me something nice about your day.