October 22, 2013

( weddings are fun )

i've had my fair share of weddings lately. i went to 2 in the past 2 weeks, last weekend i went to a wedding for a friend from high school which meant partying like we were in high school except i replaced vex & bacardi breezers with wine & fun was had, let me tell you. it was amazing seeing so many people from high school, some i hadn't seen in years!!

this is kirk. kirk & i have been friends since grade 10. he'll always be one of my most favourite boys, i love him to death.

this is megs. we've also been best friends since high school. i can't wait til we're at each others weddings. she caught the bouquet at this wedding & i caught it at the one i went to the weekend before so it can't be that far off ;)

one of my most favourite couples, kirk & jeff!! i've watched their relationship grow since the beginning & for the past 8 (ish) years - so much love.

many a party time was had with these gals & guys since high school!

the newlyweds!!