October 19, 2013

( wearing lately )

today is my day off & therefore this is my day off outfit, heck who am i kidding, i wear jeans & a tee almost everyday so this is just a general outfit for me. these are my basics though...
tee - american apparel (i've had since high school & would be heart broken if i ever lost)
jeans - levis (picked them up in a clothing swap this week & am stoked on them, thanks els!)
necklace - pyrrha (from my mister, this never comes off)

tee - vintage via sympathy for the rebel (love!)
pants - volcom (best high waisted, cropped jeans)
flats - sam edelman (the only flats you'll find me wearing)
bag - stash co (favourite tote, fits all my shit!)

& today i did this shellac manicure on myself, which i had been dying to try since i first saw it but needed my nails to be long enough. i'm kind of obsessed with it.

i had the day off yesterday & had big plans all week for it, go for a nice long run, do some laundry, get groceries, and then my foot started hurting a few days ago. the side of my foot, by the bone beside my big toe/underneath and i could barely step on it. i don't know what caused it...wondering if the wedges i wore to a wedding over the weekend/on tuesday pulled something as i don't normally wear heels...or the fact that i was working for 13hrs on my feet yesterday?? no idea...but it hurts!! anyway, instead my day off was spent drinking coffee, reading blogs & dreaming up new tattoo ideas so i guess that wasn't too awful ;)